Extended Software Development Team Overview

Whether your business already has an internal software development team and is looking to increase capacity, or you are looking to build new capability, Innovative Whiz's Extended Software Development Team model will provide a market-leading solution to meet your needs.

The case for adopting a Innovative Whiz Extended Software Development Team is clear. As an extremely competitive marketplace with high levels of staff turnover, the software development industry sees a continual battle for top-level talent. The resulting lack of skilled talent is contributing to inflated recruitment and salary costs in both the direct employment and contractor market.

Beyond these increasing costs associated with software development, there are many other challenges businesses are facing. A common theme is the need for greater flexibility and agility in the workforce, allowing capability and capacity to be adjusted in line with demand. Historically, the most common option elected by business organisations is to adopt contractors to fill the gap. However, this model comes with challenges of its own. Contractors are not only an expensive option, but also pose a potential risk to the business as there is little provision or motivation for retention of business and technical domain knowledge; a valuable asset that is built up over time.

Innovative Whiz’ Extended Software Development Team model addresses these core challenges, whilst delivering many other benefits. We can provide a team of highly skilled staff who operate under your guidance to deliver on the requirements of your business. We commit to integrating into your operating model and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, with the goal of working as a single team.

If you want to build your capability whilst minimizing overhead costs, increasing flexibility for your business with highly trained staff who will build upon and retain valuable domain knowledge, then a Innovative Whiz Extended Software Development Team is the right option for you.

If you would like to talk to us about increasing the capacity of your in house team, or to engage with Innovative Whiz for supplementary skills , please contact us on +92 477 650 455.